July 8, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday #23

This week's famous hound is one of my favorite basset bloggers: Gustaford F. Baros, or Gus for short. He writes the blog Hounds About Town, which tells of his adventures with moving, bacon, irritating little brothers (how great would that be? A brother to play with!), and sheep creatures. Gus is a hound's hound, and is very vocal and sarcastic. We love him for that, and also for his love of bacon.

Gus' little brother is named Walter, and I guess he is annoying. I am the youngest hound here at Jowls of Fury and I guess I am sometimes annoying. I think Breezy and Layla can be annoying so it can't possibly be me. So I guess not all little brothers are annoying - just Walter. Either way Gus is our newest famous hound!

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