July 15, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday #24

Howdy everyone! This has been another busy week. Breezy had to go to the vet and get fixed, our buddy Anita with All Pawsitive Pet Care came to see us (she's great!), and the heat of summer is back. It gets to be so hot that we have to lay in the grass to get our tans because the deck is scorching! Scorching I say!

So this week's hound has to be one with some hot moves! It's only fitting, since the sun has decided it needs to cook the surface of my tanning spot to a crisp. And we found the perfect hound! His name is Barry, and he is the hound-spokesman for Real Radio in the UK. I'm pretty sure the UK is the same as England and Great Britain. They have different names for one thing over there. But there's only one word that describes Barry:


The head bob move is my favorite! He can even howl, but he isn't as good of a howler as me. Must be an American hound thing. He has Layla's colors though, and she can't howl either, so maybe it's a lemon thing.

But anyway, Barry is our hot dance moves hound, and our latest famous hound!

I need to go get a drink of water. It's too hot!

1 comment:

  1. Barry...hmmm...Barry looks like a girl to me! What a weird name for a girl! Maybe they CGId his wiener since it was a close up...LOL