May 3, 2011

Weird Word Wednesday # 11

Let me just start by saying that the last 5 days have been great - there have been no dogs or humans around. Sure, I missed the humans every once in awhile (like when I needed to be petted) but the tradeoff was worth it - no dogs.

They came home tonight. Sigh.

Anyway, the latest stupid phrase that has got my attention is 'sick and tired'. A person says they are 'sick and tired' when they really mean to say they are 'bored with' or 'have had enough of' something. However, true to human fashion, instead of just saying what they actually mean, they bury it in some half-accurate catchphrase. It's amazing any of them make it past childhood.

My Google efforts got me nothing on the term - in fact, it would appear that human musicians are not sick and tired of making songs about being sick and tired. Either way, I'm bored with this now, and I need to scout out a dog-free zone.

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