May 20, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 17

We've missed Famous Basset Hound Friday enough lately! Enough I say!

Back to the famous hounds!

This week's hound is named Bonnie! She is a real-life hound who has hit it big time. Unfortunately for her hitting it big-time means being part of a soap opera.

If you didn't know, soap operas are these ridiculous, dramatic TV shows where babies get stolen and evil businessmen come back from the dead! It's like Halloween, only without any of the candy or fun!

Also the women and men mount each other all the time. They are worse than us dogs on those shows.

Anyway, Bonnie was on a show called EastEnders, where she played a dog named Chip. I couldn't find a good video of her on that show, but I did find her in a TV commercial selling mattresses. Probably a good fit since we bassets are the go-to authority on sleeping needs.

Bonnie is our newest famous hound!

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