May 5, 2011

Breezy's vacation

Well I see Rosco and Layla have blogged about how great their vacation was. I'm glad someone had a good time the entire weekend. Let me paint you a picture that is not quite so rosy. I was really looking forward to going to Grandma's but a few key events kind of ruined it for me. Don't get me wrong I had a good time, and I got to wander around off-leash and explore (that was new). I also went on a really long car ride, which turned out to be OK.

Hmmm this is pretty interesting...

But I just wasn't feeling myself. My insides have been upset lately and I feel like I want to take really good care of my crate and my bed. I also had to try and put up with Maggie, and she can be a real pain. She wanted me to be submissive to her - me! I wasn't going for it and I barked and howled in her face when she tried it. Maggie and I didn't get along at all. She's lucky mom and dad kept stopping me from biting her.

And then there was Max. Rosco thinks Max is the greatest dog there is but let me tell you, Max is a little weasel sometimes. He tried to get fresh with me! With me! He wanted to play the puppy-making game (I don't know why - he has been fixed, even if he tries to play it off like he isn't. A girl can tell these things). I wanted no part of it, and you can believe I barked at him to make sure he knew it.

But these things get you in trouble when you live with parents like mine. I was feeling pretty down until the kids came to visit. I really like kids! Especially little girls! And the one little girl kept dropping food so that was great!

Then the other little girl and I went into the camper and we played basset princess and her personal chauffeur! I was in pretty high spirits that day! I decided I would take a walk with the other dogs and have myself a good mud bath!

My chariot

Aren't we so regal?

That was the decision that turned my good spirits around! Because I was muddy I had to take a bath that night. Baths are the worst. Just look at my poor bedraggled expression.

Well that one event was enough to put me back in a bad mood. I was defensive and angry again and they made me ride home in my crate! I tell you it didn't help me feel any better. Hopefully the next time we go to Grandma's I can enjoy myself without all the hassle of amorous little puppies and stupid baths!

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  1. Awww Breezy, we hope you're feeling a little more like yourself very soon!