May 27, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 18

Our famous hound this week is a personal inspiration of mine! His name is Woody, and he was the first blogging basset I ever discovered.

Woody goes by many names: Sheriff Woody, Bluepaw, the Big Woof, etc etc. He writes a blog called Woody's World, where he updates us on his life as the Protector of Bagels Everywhere. Woody gets to go to a park where there are other bassets, and where he gets to chase birds and bunnies. His family takes care of him and gives him popcorn on family movie night, but he has to deal with noisy teenagers.

Woody hasn't been blogging for a long time now, almost a year. We are guessing it is because he has lots of bagels to protect. We are anxiously awaiting his next blog!

So he's our newest famous hound!

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