May 15, 2011

Famous Frid- er, Sat- what the heck day is it anyway?

Hello faithful readers! Sorry we missed our latest Famous Basset Hound Friday. We had a good excuse. It was mama's birthday, and since she is working now way outside of town, we decided we were going to give her extra attention on her special day!

Of course daddy got her lots of good presents and toys and treats. He even put up a banner that says 'Happy Birthday' and was going to put up a bunch of pretty stuff but mama came home too early. He got her flowers to plant outside and treats to eat (cupcakes, I had those on my birthday and I remember how delicious they were), and he even got her a balloon. Except his balloon said 'Happy Mother's Day', and I guess that was OK since she is a mama to us. But I think he made a mistake.

Now that I think about it mama can be our first every 'Honorary Basset Hound'. She possesses many qualities of basset hounditude. First of all she is very beautiful, and she carries herself with a certain dignity that only us hounds can manage. She likes to be outside like we do and she enjoys smelling things (although they are mostly pretty things like flowers and lotions, but hey smelling still counts). She likes to take naps and she enjoys eating good food. She also has been teaching me to howl and she does a pretty good job herself. And of course she likes to snuggle with us, which is something all hounds enjoy. In fact the only thing she does that is unhoundlike is that she doesn't roll in stuff like we do. But we think that's because she makes herself smell good with lotions and sprays and stuff.

So she is our first Honorary Basset Hound!


  1. Teehee! I think that's an excellent way to celebrate your Mom! ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  2. I agree with Fiona. That is a great way to celebrate your Mom. I think all us Basset "owners" have a little Basset in us :) I know mine would tell you I do. :)