May 17, 2011

This has been a stressful month

My month has not been very fun. I keep thinking I am having babies and that makes me mean to my brother and sister. Rosco just backs off but Layla wants to fight me and that only makes me angrier. Mom and dad have had to separate us and my crate got moved all the way across the room. Now I am by myself in my crate and I can't see Rosco or Layla. I even had to spend a few nights in my crate while Rosco and Layla got to sleep in the bedroom with mom and dad because of my temper. Plus my appetite has left me, and all the toys that squeak sound like lost babies to me. I would go looking for them but be unable to find them.

I was pretty upset about all this.

But the false pregnancy thing is starting to go away. I don't feel as mean anymore and I don't think I am going to be a mommy to any puppies anytime soon. My appetite has started to return (especially when they put gravy on our food, that is delicious!). The weather is nice again so we can all lay out on the deck together and get some sun.

But with warm weather comes my most hated enemy: lawnmowers. They scare me. Even when it's the neighbor's lawnmower it makes a ton of noise and it runs around the yard chopping up grass, and I know it is going to hurt me or my parents. I whine a lot and shake and cry and try to hide from it until it is all over.

May can go away for all I care.

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  1. Glad to hear you're starting to feel like your old self Breezy. Keep your chin up!