May 5, 2011

Rosco's vacation

Hey everyone! We got back from our vacation! We had a great time! We got to go to the cabin and see our buddies Max, Maggie, Griff, and Remy! There was a new baby and we got to chase a porcupine and everything!

But I am getting ahead of myself. I am just so excited!

I just realized that we never introduced Max and Maggie and Griff and Remy properly! So here we go!

This is Maggie. She is a taller dog that belongs to Grandma, and she is very fast. I like to chase her but she can be kind of mean sometimes. Max also likes to chase her (they are siblings), and she is really good at catching squirrels. She's so good they don't have any squirrels at Grandma's anymore.

This is my buddy Max! Max and I were best buds since we were tiny puppies together, chasing cats! Max is half basset hound so he is pretty awesome! Watch us chasing cats as puppies together below!

You may see this picture and ask yourself 'Why did Rosco put a picture of a horse up here?' That is not a horse, that's Griff! He is huge compared to the rest of us! He loves the water and got really wet and muddy all weekend long! But he's fun to play with, because he is even more of a puppy than me (and they call me Puppyman). Griff lives with his brother Remy and his family.

Speaking of Remy here he is. Remy is the newest dog in the family (after Breezy), but he and Griff are best buddies and he is fun to chase and play with (although he is really fast like Maggie and kind of hard to keep up with).

So now that you are up to speed on who is who in the dog world, let's get back to the vacation.

We went up to Grandma's, which is in Michigan, and it's great because there are lots of trees and no fences. There is a shortage of squirrels, sure, but we make up for it by chasing each other around. There are also chickens but we don't get to mess with them. Then we go to the cabin and it's even better, because there are tons of woods and even less fences and the cabin smells like mice, and there are porcupines. We had a porcupine cornered under the cabin and were going to get it but the moms and dads in the house called us in so they could deal with it themselves. Max says porcupines aren't really that much fun - lots of stickers in his face once. Maggie sure wanted to get under the cabin though!

But I would have to say the best part of the cabin is the creek. We get to go walking near it and it gets really muddy there. Of course we get all swamped up and then go tearing around. We even get to come inside the cabin that way once we dry off, because nobody really cares if the cabin gets dirty.

There's nothing like a little dirt between your toes!

All in all it was a great time! I know Layla had fun, but Breezy was kind of a pain. She acted like she owned everything and she got into fights with Maggie and I think she really made a bad first impression. She completely hogged the new camper we got from Grandma's and was just a pain. But I didn't let her spoil my fun!

See you next year!

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