May 5, 2011

Layla's vacation

Rosco talked about his vacation but he left some important stuff out. Of course we got to go to Grandma's, which is where I was first brought after my Gotcha Day last year. We got there by taking a really long car ride, but this time without the cats, which was both good and bad. Grandma's house has some interesting cats but like all houses everywhere we aren't supposed to chase them.

Honestly though why wouldn't you chase something like this?

Of course we got to go to the cabin which was great, for all the reasons Rosco said. We also got to see Sophie again, she is the newest baby in the family and she is a beautiful little diva just like me. I showed her a few of my tricks on how to look cool and get what she wants. I'll have to be careful though, if she learns how to get belly rubs it could be difficult...

I just wanted to go into a little more detail about the mud bath we took. Rosco really didn't give it enough information to make sense to you people. You see a dog rolling in mud and think we are just dumb dogs. What we are really doing is making ourselves more beautiful. For example:


More beautiful!

See? Mud baths are important things! And we get them at Grandma's!

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