February 11, 2012

Rescue Me # 5

As you all know we are big proponents of rescues here at Jowls of Fury. Recent studies have shown that 75% of all the hounds at Jowls of Fury are rescues. Technically 100% of us are because Rosco was rescued from not having a mama as good as our mama when mama went and got him. Well our newest rescue Beauregard reminded me the other day that we need to do another Rescue Me hound, since his story got so much attention from all our basset friends. He also wanted me to say thank you to all the people who have donated money to his Chip-In account. Mama and daddy are talking about taking him to the vet for surgery to remove some of his lumps so he won't breathe so hard when he walks.

I wish him luck with that. I personally hate vets.

Anyway, this week's Rescue Me hound is named Busby. Mama picked him out. And ohhhh my lady basset heart skipped a beat when I saw him. Being a red and white hound I am different colored than all the other Jowls of Fury hounds, and it sometimes makes me wish for another red and white hound to snuggle up with. The tricolors just don't get it. Well Mr. Busby is like an exotic foreign hound with his gorgeous mahogany coat! Plus he has very soulful deep looking eyes. Go see what I mean by checking out his page. He is a hound that is being fostered by Guardian Angel Basset Rescue, who we have blogged about many times when we go to their waddle.

Basset 500 hounds are the best

And I must say that while rescue hounds are great there comes a time when you can have too many bassets. We are not at that point yet here at Jowls of Fury but another hound might be too much. Still I am glad we rescued Beau, he seems like a nice hound for being so old and he definitely needs our love. I have not tried to snuggle with him yet though, I much prefer to lay on the couch with mama and daddy instead of sleeping on the floor. Hopefully his vet visit will make him jump better so he can sleep up on the couch with the rest of us (except Breezy, she does not like to snuggle - I wonder if she is really a basset hound?).

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  1. Layla, he is a beauty! I went to see his page, just in case Fergus's daddy would let us get another basset. I say the more the merrier! But he's already got adoption pending so I think your post worked! Nice job!!