February 15, 2012

I did not need your votes anyway

As you all know I entered into the Mango Minster Contest That is Secretly Run by Cats. I did not win. I had some competition for the Bad Sport category, but they were all clearly inferior to me and should only be viewed as pitiful examples of cats and dogs trying to be bad.

They have a lot to learn. I can only presume that this outcome is one based upon the fact that the judge is a stupid dog. If I had known that from the start I would have spent my time doing better things, like cleaning myself.

So that has been my day.

1 comment:

  1. We are sorry about you not getting enough votes. We know that category is pretty tough as all the categories are.

    We could use your support today as we are entered in the Cracker Critters category. Wouldn't you like to see a basset hound win the Cracker Critters.

    Sniffs, The HoundDogs