February 3, 2012

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 46

This week's hound is older than daddy. Well, he would be, if he was still alive. My guess is he went to the bridge awhile ago, for us hounds do not live to be nearly as ancient as daddy is. We are perpetually young and beautiful like Mama. His name was Fred, and he was the hound star of the movie Smoky and The Bandit.

The hound: the legend

Fred was the only person in the entire movie that had a normal name. Everyone else was named "Snowman", or "The Bandit", or "Frog", and even weird things like "Hot Pants". But this is definitely Hollywood make-believe land, because at one point Fred is seen swimming in really deep water. Us hounds neither swim nor "take baths" as the obviously non-basset expert "Snowman" points out in the clip at this link.

Now Fred is the hound who watches over "Snowman", who is a truck driver. This sounds like a lot of fun at first - a great big truck would make a great car ride for sure - but they are driving for 1800 miles, which is like the car ride to see our grandmas. But instead of ending at grandma's house, they end at warehouses. They drop off their load and then they turn around and do it again, with no grandma's or visiting with kids or chasing our buddies around the yard. And the whole time they are avoiding "Smoky", who is a police officer. So no thanks, I think I will stick to my normal car rides and grandma visitations.

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  1. Well, now I don't know about that not swimmin'... My momma has had bassets and they got in the pool and swam. In fact, once when she was tellin' her youngest to jump to her (she was 2), Delilah jumped in instead!! Momma was surprised!!