February 10, 2012

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 47

Well as you all know we have a new hound at the Jowls of Fury household. His name is Beau and he is an elder hound. I have been told we have to respect our elders.

I am not sure if I like respecting my elders. Right now my elder hound brother is going through my toys and getting his elder hound brother slobber all over my favorite duckies and tug ropes. He has taken my daddy away from me all the time now because he is stubborn and barks at him nonstop unless he is getting constant attention. I know he has had a rough last year and his Gotcha day was recently but I am a hound myself. We hounds need love and attention! Fortunately mama and daddy try and be fair and love us all but this new hound is taking some adjustment. He also doesn't want to run and play like we do, and he is very lumpy.

Anyway. I decided that maybe Famous Basset Hound Friday is what I needed to take my mind off these stressful events. And boy did we find a good famous hound! Her name is Maggie! She is an accomplished hound author, much like myself, who uses her person to help her write interesting work! She has a book with her face on the cover called The Tao of Maggie: The Sound of One Hound Barking.

There has never been a better book cover

In this book Maggie dispenses her hound wisdom in one or two sentence bursts, making it easier for slow-minded humans and some cats to grasp her meaning. She takes a very laid-back approach to life and doesn't let the little things get her down. She is definitely an inspiration to us young budding hound authors that are desperately hoping for a book contract someday. And Maggie is our newest famous hound!

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  1. How neat! I will have to look into this book for sure. Thank you for this segment!