February 18, 2012

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 48

I must apologize for being late with our Famous Basset Hound Friday entry. I was all ready to blog yesterday and then mama sprang the horrible trap on us: bath day. And even worse, she cut our toes off too! It was just awful. We tried to run away and hide (except Beau, he liked his bath and was strutting his stuff afterwards), but mama closed all the doors and gates.

Then, to make matters worse, we heard that Nibbler was up to his usual tricks and we had to put a stop to it, stumpy toes and all.

Take that you mean kitty

By the end of the day I was just too exhausted to blog. But today is a new day! We got daddy up promptly at 5:15 AM to begin our routine! Going outside and peeing! Coming in and laying on the couch! Sleeping while daddy watches cartoons! Whining at him until he got up and fed us! Although today mama fed us instead because she was tired of daddy's laziness. And then we played some! And now we are blogging!

So... this week's famous hound has inspired her own cartoon! Her name is Gabriel, and she is the animation partner for Mamoru Oshii. Mr. Oshii is an anime artist, and he draws important cartoons about basset hounds. His most famous one is called 'Ghost in the Shell', about a basset hound who finds itself stuck in a post-apocalyptic world filled with cyborgs. Although technically it is a cloned basset hound, but we feel that is way too complicated and really, cloned or not, a hound is a hound.

We hounds are all business

Gabriel the hound in the anime cartoon is named after the real Gabriel, who is the inspiration for the clone Gabriel in the cartoon. Mr. Oshii is definitely a dog person, he likes to play with his hounds, which is probably the best way a person can spend their free time (besides feeding their hounds of course).

Not the best picture but a cool hound and her cool person

So Gabriel is our newest famous hound!


  1. lol i would love being in a house filled with 4 bassets! what a racket though hehe. poor kitty! Love the dog bed bounce.

    1. Meloves Ghost in the Shell! and the basset hound in it : ) kewl post. and your video too.