August 28, 2011

Stupid TV Commercial Sunday # 26

This week's stupid commercial would really get under my collar, if I wore one. It's another example of the dog-biased media we are all subjected to these days. Commercials like these make me wonder why I even bother watching TV some days.

OK first of all, just because we are cats does NOT mean we are burglars. Not all cats are evil. Not all of the time anyway. Look it isn't our fault that dogs are so dumb and gullible and easy to outsmart! That doesn't make us evil, it just makes you stupid! Second, even if we WERE all evil, what on earth would we want with a bone or a rubber toy car? Keep your stupid dog-smelling stuff, we don't want it! And a stupid red umbrella wouldn't stop us anyway!

Dumb dogs. This was a really stupid TV commercial.

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