September 3, 2011

Hound Dog Time

As you may have noticed we missed Famous Basset Hound Friday yesterday. I would like to apologize to all my blogging basset buddies who no doubt lost precious sleeping time as they fretted over how they were going to get through their Friday without learning about another famous hound.

But I have a good excuse. I have decided to start practicing for my singing career. Mama inspired me to write this song, because our parents don't live on the same clock as we do. We have to wake them up every morning to go outside and go potty, and it seems like whenever we really want to take a nap they want us to wake up to do something. We're never on the same page when it comes to baths. Clearly there is a lot of conflict here, and conflict is a great breeding ground for excellent music.

It is a well-known fact that hounds are among the most gifted dogs when it comes to music. So all we really had to do was write a song and it would immediately become a big hit.

So Layla and Breezy and I were laying around the other day when it hit us - we could write a song that underscored the differences between people and basset hound schedules. After a lot of intensive napping and brainstorming we came up with a pretty good set of lyrics. We also had a great tune picked out but it turns out some guy had already stolen it from us. Our basset law firm will be in contact with him shortly but in the meantime we present to you the soon-to-be famous song "Hound Dog Time".

Hound Dog Time
Rosco, Layla, and Breezy
The Hounds of Jowls of Fury

We wake up in the morning
Daddy's still in bed snoring
Got to wake him up right
But if we jump up there
And step on mama's hair
She wakes up in a terrible fright

Livin' on hound dog time
Livin' on hound dog time
Mama's not a morning person
So we have to make certain
Livin' on hound dog time

So we stay on the floor
And whine a little more
We try to remember our place
We look over at the door
And dream about the score
Then lick daddy on his face

Livin' on hound dog time
Livin' on hound dog time
It's time to feed your hounds
Get out of bed right now
You're livin' on hound dog time

Then they go to work on time
And we get left behind
To sleep away the day in our crates
Then dad comes home for lunch
And we get snacks for brunch
Then nap with him while we wait

Livin' on hound dog time
Livin' on hound dog time
We're glad you work for our food
But crating us can be so rude
Livin' on hound dog time

When mama comes home sometimes
We greet her with our smiles
And let her give us belly rubs
We know she likes those times
And we don't have to climb
Into her lap to get our love

Livin' on hound dog time
Livin' on hound dog time
We like mama's lap
A good place to take a nap
Livin' on hound dog time

When we go for a walk
We barely get to talk
Our parents make us move so fast
When we get back in the door
We lay upon the floor
And rest up to the very last

Livin' on hound dog time
Livin' on hound dog time
We're wasting our hound noses
We want to stop and smell the roses
Livin' on hound dog time

But car rides are so fun
We enjoy every one
And stick our heads out in the breeze
We pass by all the crowds
And watch them watch our jowls
And wish they were so cool as we

Livin' on hound dog time
Livin' on hound dog time
Our family basset-mobile
Sits up high on all four wheels
Livin' on hound dog time

So at the end of our long day
We always end it the same way
Resting our weary basset heads
We wait for daddy to say
It's bedtime, head that way
Then we get back up on the bed

Livin' on hound dog time
Livin' on hound dog time
Sometimes life can be tough
And usually it's pretty rough
When your parents don't live on hound dog time!

1 comment:

  1. I hear ya! Same thing in our house. Momma and Daddy don't have the same schedule as we do. Our favorite thing to do is wait til they sit down for dinner or to watch tv and then tell them we have to go potty. So much fun!!!

    You guys have some definite songwriting talent. The next Lennon and McCartney, I'd say :)