September 23, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 32

Well what a week it has been! We did all kinds of fun stuff! Layla and Breezy already blogged about the waddle so I won't go too much more into it, except to talk about the Great American Basset Races. I tried to race in them but I didn't get to place. It wasn't my fault - there was this really loud, obnoxious dog next to me that totally broke my concentration. I tried to lodge a complaint with the judges but they were too disorganized.

Then, to make matters worse, daddy was snuggling with the wrong hound. My buddy Barnaby moved in on my turf and got lots of belly rubs from daddy.

Who does he think he is?

So I pouted.


Anyway, I got over that eventually and got on with my life. A hound only lives so long and there are lots of belly rubs to be had and naps to be taken. Which brings us to this week's famous hound! I had a hard time picking one after seeing so many cool hounds at the waddle last week. But eventually it came to me: the only obvious hound we could honor given the 14th Annual Basset Waddle.

This week's hound is the Guardian Angel Basset!

We don't know this hound's name but it is obviously an angel with the halo and all. Most of us bassets are angels anyway despite what dumb cats might say. But the GABR Angel is a representative of all the good work the foster parents and basset owners and rescuers and other people who like to waddle have been doing for the past 14 years. Almost 4,000 hounds have found their permanent homes thanks to these guys.

So that's our famous hound for this week!

And here's a picture of daddy and me at the waddle! With our hats!


  1. Hey there! Saw you all ofur at PBU and commed ofur to gib you a howl out. OK, I mite be a shepherd but let mom leave this house with one of my sisfurs and not ME and I'll outhowl you any day! Fur the record, I want you all to know I has the deepest respect fur the kittehs - those claws, you know... Your bloggie makes me BOL so I is going to go read some more now. Bai.

  2. I know what ya mean about siblings trying to take your human time. Every time I try to get some play time here comes that darn kitty wanting to play TOO! *sigh*

  3. Hi five, Rosco, for being a competitor in the races. Ya know, we just can't win them all (gotta let the others win sometimes...). glad u had a good time. btw, did i miss something? who is this Barnaby?

  4. Hi Shawnee and Rumpy, thanks for the love. The hounds at Jowls of Fury have a Shepherd cousin named Chopper, we know German Shepherds and love to bite their ankles.

    Worm, Barnaby is a hound that belongs to a friend we see each year at the waddle. He is a big cuddly basset and wastes no time getting love from whoever is without a hound in lap.