September 30, 2011

Another Famous Basset Hound Friday cancelled

I hate to keep cancelling them but unprecedented events keep coming up. This time around we have been moving all of our stuff to our new house (which meets basset approval - Layla tells me she will be blogging about this later on so I won't spoil the surprise). We also didn't have the internet at our new house until today so we missed lots of blogging, but we're back now.

But the biggest thing we haven't been able to keep up on is telling everyone how our family is doing. Daddy is doing OK, except he had allergies and said his brains were leaking slowly out of his head. But mama needs the power of the paw. My buddy Mango uses that phrase whenever there is a sick hound that needs everyone's good thoughts, so it ought to work here too.

That's Mango there (the one that looks like a horse). With paws that big he must be a good healer.

Our mama was sick yesterday and then she went to see the people vet last night. She didn't come home all night or most of the day today but she finally came back this evening. We wanted to jump on her and welcome her home but dad wouldn't let us. Then we noticed she was moving slowly and she is sleeping now. Dad says not to worry that she will get better, but that she had surgery and needs to rest. Her appendix came out apparently. Fortunately us hounds don't have appendixes. Still, mama needs all our basset well wishes to get better so we can jump on her again.

So that is what has been going on lately. It's good to be back! Stay tuned for more blogs.


  1. Yikes! With all that basset love in your new'll be feeling better in record time. We hope :)

  2. Oh no - no one wants to have their appendix out but what timing for it to happen too! Sending your mama well wishes to get better soon! =^..^=

  3. Thank you everyone for the well wishes. I'm feeling better slowly but have plenty of nurses taking care of me. -Heather (aka Momma)

  4. Pwease get bettah fast doggy mama! Yo doggies need you!!! Wuv, an toe kisses....BOwsah.

  5. Mrs. Heather,
    Mehopes you feel better real soon-- we r wishing you a speedy recovery. Rosco Puppyman seems worried about you.