October 4, 2011

Our new home

Well fellow hounds and their lucky owners, we have moved. Normally I like to keep you updated on all the goings on but this week my mama has been sick and she needed my constant attention. If not for me and my stern glares that cat Nibbler would have tried to sit on her tummy where her stitches are and that would have hurt her. So I have not been able to blog with my normal frequency.

But now mama is feeling better so I thought I had better write about our new house. We moved a couple of weekends ago and didn't have the internet right away because daddy is lazy and takes too long to do anything right.

Here we are giving mama the hound dog medical approval to go back to work.

Our new house is great! It's not as big as the old one which sounded bad to me at first - I thought maybe some of my toys might have been given away to make room for something stupid like a cat condo - but what it really means is that there are hardly any stairs. I have to step down one little stair to go into the room with the fireplace and I have to step over the doorframe to go outside and bark at the neighbors, but that's it! No more up and down plasticy stairs anymore. No more places for cats to hide from me. The only room I can't go into is the litterbox room but I can stick my head through the fence to make sure the cats aren't planning anymore takeovers.

Breezy is doing her doggy duty here.

I like this new house.

The floors aren't very carpety so you need to make sure you take your naps on the couch, but that is OK - we have plenty of furniture to choose from now that the basement couch and the upstairs couch are all within our reach.

Moving is very hard.

I haven't seen any squirrels yet and we don't have as many neighbors so there is only one other dog I have seen so far. But the fence wraps around to the front yard so I can bark at mama and daddy when they leave for work. There is also lots of stuff buried in the yard and there isn't much grass so we can dig in it. Daddy doesn't like that as much and we get hollered at a lot. But he hasn't even unpacked all the boxes so he ought to just go back inside and let us hounds be!

This house needs to be better organized before we can tear around.

We haven't had a chance to walk in the neighborhood yet and daddy says it is not as big as the old one, so the walks wouldn't be as long. I am OK with that, I don't mind short walks. But he also said we might have to go for car rides more often and visit the dog park.

I just realized I have never blogged about the dog park! There are geese an everything! That will have to be my next blog entry.

Anyway that is our new house. So far so good.


  1. New house looks nice and we would love to hear about your dog park stories. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Congrats on the new place with no stairs! Score! Hope you guys get settled in soon.