October 18, 2011

There are no such things as squirrels

Layla and Rosco are fibbing again, I can tell. They keep talking about squirrels but I don't buy it. I've never seen a squirrel at either of the houses we've lived at. The yard smelled like something but we quickly discovered what it was.

Seriously? They are going to chase a stupid toad? Toads are too small to chase and they aren't fast either. They are the sort of thing a stumpy-legged hound gets excited about because they are too slow to chase real animals. Us long-legged girls need to dream bigger. See how I had to howl at them to get them inside so I could eat my dinner?

Squirrels? Yeah, right.


  1. Did you all try to eat the toad? Cute video :-)

  2. Oh no Toads....Cleo loved to catch toads and play with them. Even brought a few in through the doggy door. She would get them let them hop away then drag them back close to her and do it again. You must be careful because sometimes they will make you foam at the mouth. BOL Oh, and Cleo loved to catch snakes as well, have you found any of them yet? Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  3. Nobody tried to eat the toad - I was waiting for it because they have poison glands on them and I generally try to limit food intake to what I put in their food dishes. HDM, nobody's found a snake yet. We have walked past a lot of them on our dog park visits but they do not even show up on our radar.