October 7, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 33

Well it has been a few weeks since we did a Famous Basset Hound Friday. I decided to go with a spooky hound this week because it is getting to be Halloween time. Halloween time is when all the kids in the neighborhood dress up in costumes and come to the house asking for treats. Now at first this idea really frightened me, because I do not want to share my puppy treats with the entire neighborhood.

But then daddy explained that they are actually getting people treats, which puppies are not allowed to have, because they are chocolate and toxic to dogs. I personally would like to try just a bite myself but daddy says no go. Anyway - because it is Halloween time, I decided to make our famous hound in the spirit of scary stuff.

So this week's famous hound is Walter the basset from the movie The Rage: Carrie 2. In this movie a teenage girl discovers she has psychic powers after the high school football team becomes jerks to her. Walter tries to keep her from going all psycho on them but his hound abilities are delayed after he gets hit by a car. Even though his psychic mama is getting ready to psychically take care of the football team she comes to her senses and takes him to the vet where he makes a miraculous recovery. But in the end he is unable to keep his mom from abusing her powers and she dies. This was pretty sad for me, but he does get to stay with one of the football players who was nice to his mama so I guess it is an OK ending.

Walter making an emergency trip to the vet

Boy if I had psychic hound powers I would float all of mama's delicious cupcakes down to the floor where I could eat them.

There would be nothing wrong with using my hound powers like this.


  1. LOL well I think you'd be okay using your hound powers if you left ONE cupcake for your mama!!

  2. Lmao. Awesome movie!! WOoo!
    Hahah awesome post, awesome blog