October 26, 2011


Being the newest dog is nice - you get all the newest beds and toys and food bowls - and so I am always worried that mom and dad will get another hound and I won't be the newest anymore. As it is I have to always push my way between them and Rosco or Layla (even the cats sometimes!) to make sure I get all the attention.

So you can imagine my concern when they opened up a mail package the other day and said 'Oh a basset hound!' What? They are sending new bassets in the mail now? To MY house? Worst of all it was from Grandma! Let her house have a new basset! Three hounds is too much here already we don't need four! Mama has always said she wants to adopt more hounds that need homes anyway but I say three is a crowd!

Even WORSE, this hound howls like me! And it sings too! I can't sing! I howl better than Rosco and I make more noise PLUS I am the tallest. But singing is a trick I haven't learned yet. This new hound is going to take my place as the newest, most-talented hound! He even sounds all sad and whiney!  That will surely make mama want to spend more time with him.  He's got to go!

Rosco and Layla act like they don't even care!


  1. An Elvis hound! I love the way he flaps his ears!! And btw, we love your pops jammie pants too!

  2. Ha! Oh that's funny! Great 'hound dog' ;) What fun! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  3. Where did grandma find such a fun gift? It's awesome!!

  4. The box says it is from Cracker Barrel.

  5. Sweet! We may need one for Christmas. I'm sure Fergus would enjoy it... LOL are at least we would!