September 21, 2011

Another successful waddle

Well it was a long, hard weekend, but we had another successful waddle. You may remember that I was famous last year for my costume. This year was no different. We even got to go up on stage this year! Our costumes were for the 70's, and there were even some people who got dressed up - against their better judgement I think.

Here is my awesome costume - I was a hound dog globetrotter

Here is one questionable human costume

Things were a little different this year though. Breezy came along with us and she was kind of mean the whole time. I made sure to make the rounds and introduce myself to the new hounds. I also saw some hounds from last year, like Noodle the Bleu Basset, Benjamin the Wheelie Hound, Walter the Wide Hound, Goomba the Giant Hound, and of course our buddies Barnaby and Scarlett with their people. It was a much nicer day for the bash this year but the waddle still had some rain. And I can't forget that grandma came again this year. They were still giving away a corvette but we didn't win it, and there was still a giant inflatable basset hound.

My buddy Benjamin and his cool 70's costume

Mr. Noodle the Bleu Basset

My buddy Ms. Scarlett, a former basset bikini model like myself

Another different thing this year was the camper. Mama and daddy brought it with us instead of staying in a hotel. There were ups and downs to it - on the one hand it was smaller and harder to get up on the bed (I even had to wait for someone to help me into the camper one time).

This step is too high, someone had better help me up

But on the other hand it didn't have an elevator in it so it was easier to go out in the morning, and we had our own yard with fence things so we didn't have to be on our leashes the entire time. There were lots of neighbors we had to bark at and mama even petted the wrong set of hounds - how this could happen I don't know but we made sure to howl our loudest.

Hey you were petting the wrong dogs!

We also had this umbrella that we got to sit under and it made for the perfect shade for hot, tired hounds.

I approve of this purchase.

So all in all it was another great waddle weekend. Hopefully next year's waddle is as much fun!

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  1. Very kewl, Layla! and melikes ur costume. looks like so much fun. what a great theme to dress up to for bassets.