September 22, 2010

Everybody shut up and listen! I'm FAMOUS!!!

Drop whatever stupid thing you're doing and pay attention! I'm FAMOUS! My costume at last weekend's 13th Annual Illinois Waddle (hosted by the fine people of Guardian Angel Basset Rescue) got me front-page billing in The Journal-Standard. This reputable newspaper is printed in Freeport, IL, and the image can be found here. I have copied and pasted the important parts below because honestly who cares about any other hound but me?

See? I knew my moment of fame would come around, especially after living in a shelter home. All that's left now is for my agent to get me on the Tonight Show. Everyone will know my name after this... wait... where's my name on the picture? They got my costume right but my name's not on there!!! What the heck was Joe Tomborello thinking? I gotta go, I need to talk to my agent about this!


  1. Welcome from HoneyBelle and congrats on your first newspaper publication! It is ALL about us after all. My press agent is rumoring to dress me as a spiral honey ham for our upcoming pet fest. I told her I will refuse to walk in it, and see if she can carry my 68 pounds in front of an audience. HA! That will teach her!

  2. You go girl! Although... 68 pounds of spiral honey ham sounds good... perhaps you could work out some sort of deal...

  3. Congratulations on your big stardom. That is totally awesome for you to be recognized like that. What a way to represent us bassets. Thanks for stopping buy our blog, we hope to sniff out some good stories here. The Hounddogs