August 26, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 30

While I write this blog daddy is watching a very stupid movie called MegaPiranha. In it these giant fish are eating everyone except the main actors (who are terrible by the way). Right now the actor is in a car chase in something called a Kia. It's like a car ride but with squealing tires and Spanish guys. He likes movies like these. They are on a TV station called SyFy. Anyway...

This week's Famous Basset Hound is another blogging basset. Her name is Molly! Molly likes our blog and she recently pointed out that she became famous! So that qualifies her to be a Famous Basset Hound!

Molly's full name is Molly McFreckles. She writes a blog called Molly McFreckles' World where she talks about life with her brother Winston and her mommy and daddy. Just like us they have exciting basset adventures that are occasionally fraught with perils such as baths and vet visits.

Molly (right) and Winston (left)... I think

Molly also has something called Addison's Disease - it means she has to take medicine and go see the vet from time to time. We wish her well on that. But she also has a neighbor that lets her play in her yard, and there are baby bunnies there!

Baby bunnies! I wish I could visit her!

Anyway Molly is our newest famous hound!


  1. Momma has been slacking on her blog reading. She went back to work last week and those silly college kids are taking up all her time. She just got to reading the blogs and saw this. I am so excited!! Thank you for making me a Famous Basset Hound! I am beyond honored :)


  2. PS: Momma watched that movie. She liked it...I have no idea why. Momma is crazy.

    And yes, you got us right in your caption :)

  3. Congwatshulashuns mowwy! you were always famuss to me! but i dun get out much either ;)

    Toe kisses,

    ps, i'm gonna tell dada about dat movie...sounds wike da kind he wikes!