August 19, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 29

Well it is that time of the week again! Time to put your paws up and let them rest after a hard week of napping, chasing cats, and napping some more. Time to enjoy the weekend by napping in the yard and barking at the birds!

Time to enjoy Famous Basset Hound Friday! This week's famous hound is a very important basset spokeslady. Her name is Antigone Puppleupagus, and she is another well-known basset blogger.

This is Antigone

Layla and Breezy both came to us as adopted hounds, but I was bought as a puppy so I don't know how it feels to not ever be loved by someone. Antigone had a pretty hard life at first, she was in a puppy mill. Now at first a puppy mill sounded like a lot of fun - hundreds of bassets making puppies and playing with them - but mom and dad explained to me that no, puppy mills are where hounds get no love and barely any good food. All they do is make puppies that are then sold at pet stores and other places. Antigone has really bad teeth from her puppy mill days.

But then she was adopted! By a nice guy who got her from Guardian Angel Basset Rescue! In case you are new to our blog, GABR are the ones who put on the waddle every year! Oh and we are going again this year! We are making our costumes this weekend! It'll be great!

Anyway Antigone and her person got bored living in Chicago, where it snows all the time. So they got a little crazy and went on a bike ride. Now bike rides do not sound like as much fun as car rides, although any ride sounds good to me. But on a bike ride you have to sit in a weird little buggy thing and your human is outside it on a bike. Humans on bikes make me nervous, especially the noisy ones they call motorcycles - I always growl at them to let them know not to mess with me. So Antigone is not only a pretty basset out for a good cause but she is very brave. I wouldn't trust dad on a bike.

So Antigone and her person rode their bike/buggy thing across the country to spread the word about basset rescues. And it worked! They got on like ten TV and radio shows. I wish we could get on a TV show and spread the word about Jowls of Fury, and how awesome we are (except the cats). But Antigone spread the good word and she eventually ended up in a place called Oregon. Dad says there are different squirrels there (we must go!) and also things called bears. Plus it rains a lot. Better then snow though I guess.

Antigone's blog is really interesting to read, so if you haven't checked it out you should click here. She and her person are writing a book (hmmm there's an idea...) that we will buy the instant it comes out. She is our newest famous hound!

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