June 23, 2011

My newest obsession

Daddy came home the other day and he smelled different. Some days he comes home he smells like dirt and sweat. Other days he smells like the office and books and papers. Some days he smells like a truck and grease and gasoline (the truck part is OK but the gas and grease are not). Still others he smells like something called a "turtle". I'm not sure what a turtle is but it smells interesting... kind of muddy and dirty and animally all at the same time. I haven't ever seen a turtle before but they smell like something that would be fun to play with (sort of like cicadas, which are both tasty and animally).

But the other day he smelled like something from a ways in the past. I remember when we used to go for walks in the park back in the last house we lived at. There was this big, long path that went over the lake. There were lots of these things there.

And wherever these things were, there was TONS of this:

Of course I never really got to smell it very well thanks to unfair parents and short leashes. But I would have loved to.

These dogs are living the dream

Well, the other day, daddy came home and his pants were covered in this stuff, and he had feathers and stuff on his hands. We only got to smell it for a little bit before he made us go outside and he cleaned up, but I'm sure it was goose poop and goose feathers!

What was he doing? Where did he find geese? Is there another park with geese here? We didn't see any on the walks we have been on.

We must find these geese!

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