June 17, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday #20

Man it is good to be back! No more cats laughing at us all day while we sleep in our crates. No more wondering when the basset hounds will receive the justice they deserve! And also the bacon!

That's right I said bacon!

To celebrate this return to basset superiority I am making this week's famous hound super-special! Amazing! Stupendous! Spiderific!

That's right I said spiderific! Our famous hound is also spidery!

I don't know this hound's name, but I am calling him SpiderHound. The people who made the credits for Spiderman 2 forgot to put him in here (although 'Screaming Woman' has about 8 different listings), so SpiderHound will have to do.

You can see him in action in the video below:

Now of course the most important part of the scene (and the whole movie) is right at the beginning there, where we can see our tormented hero SpiderHound wrestling with his master's decision to live in an apartment where he has to use the elevator to do his business. No wonder he had to develop super hound powers of climbing walls and shooting webs to get around!

But SpiderHound prevails in his battle against Dumb Cats Everywhere, and wins the love of the beautiful Kirsten Dunst. We suspect that scene was deleted from the final version of Spiderman 2 because it was too scandalous for Spiderman fans to handle.

This should be a basset hound

Well SpiderHound is certainly an inspiration to me. I am looking forward to getting my super hound abilities!

SpiderHound is our newest famous hound!

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