June 3, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday #19

It's our 100th post!

That's right, we have made 100 fun-filled posts here at Jowls of Fury! A lot has changed since we started our blogging last September. We have had new jobs, new houses, new hounds, and made new puppy friends. We started new traditions and even got to eat new treats.

And now we have a new Famous Basset Hound Friday!

This week's hound is a newcomer on the scene. His name is Rocket, and he is a world-famous basset celebrity and Olympic athlete. For some reason YouTube doesn't have this video with sound so you will have to go the the NFL website to view it. The link is below.

Anyway here is a picture of Rocket. He is a pretty good jumper, it was that stupid man's fault he didn't win the competition.

So he's our newest famous hound!

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