July 23, 2012

Rosco Puppyman, B.D.

 So this past weekend, Mama was sick again.  It seems like she is never well. It's always something with her. I have decided that, in addition to my HOSA dog duties, I have decided I will become Rosco Puppyman, Basset Doctor.  I hold a firm belief that any aliment Mama has can be cured by me.

Rosco Puppyman, B.D. here to cure what ails you

So I carefully crawled unto Mama's sick bed.

Do you feel better now that I'm here, Mama?

How about now?

No?  Let me get closer so I can work my basset side manner.

 How's that? Feel better now?

How about now?


Let Nurse Bunsen check my technique

Here rub my cheeks and chest. That will surely make you feel better.

 In the end, Mama said my basset side manner did not make her cold go away (and she said I was squishing her).  I think Mama isn't curable. It's time to send her to Dr. House from T.V.. He can fix everything!


  1. We hope mum is better soon. Happy Tuesday to you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh! I love basset cuddles JUST like that!! Best medicine, indeed!

  3. This is the cutest blog post ever! Roscoe is such a good doctor. He will need to give some doctoring lessons to my hounds in case I ever need basset medicine!

  4. Oh Dr. Rosco. whatta good dawg u are. using your doctrin' skillz like that. i had to take care of my peeples too when they gets sick. although the cold didn't go away, i betcha warmed your Mama's heart and that made her feel bettah. hi five, Worm