July 1, 2012

We apologize for the blogging delay

It has been a long time since we blogged!  Like months!  So much has happened!  We feel bad about keeping our audience under suspense, but we have been doing important work!

These couches don't get slept on by themselves

But the biggest news lately has been the heat.  The heat is ridiculous!  It's so hot that we need to take extra naps.  We used to go to the dog park (our favorite place in the world besides Grandma's and the ice cream store and the pet store) all the time, but since it has been so hot we can't go because Beau has a hard time breathing.

We're glad we don't live with you too, random rude lady

We did go visit Grandma again this year, so Beau could meet her.  Let me just say that the car is way too crowded with 4 hounds on a 10-hour trip.  They either need to get us a bigger car or leave the cats behind.  I like the second idea better.  We also had to stay out of the yard for a long time for grass to grow, but then it got so hot all the grass died so it didn't matter anyway.  We have been getting lots of visits from our friend Anita lately because daddy and mama are both working now and they can't always come home to let us out of our crates.

There's more news than that but this heat has already worn my blogging basset self out.  But never fear we will be updating Jowls of Fury way more often now, trust us!


  1. Looking forward to more blogging and stay cool. Happy 1st of July and pop over as Posiedorg has a guest blog on my site re animal rescue shelter she wishes to help. Give her a thumbs up.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Stay cool!! I really love that pic on the couch!

  3. You've all been missed! Olive and I are blogging now! Well, I'm blogging...and she's getting her photos taken like crazy for the blog. She's my little Super Model Basset. Spoiled Lump. Hope it gets a little cooler for you guys!

  4. lol, love the 'important work' you've been up to... me too here! and yeah gosh, whatta rude comment from the lady!