July 8, 2012

The worst part about summer is the flies

Summer is not very much fun when you get right down to it.  Yes it is warmer and you don't have to worry about several feet of snow, and yes the dog park is easier to get to, and yes there are things like hamburger cookouts and visits to grandma's houses.  But there are bad parts too.  It gets really hot sometimes, and we can't go to the dog park as much when it gets really hot because Beau is old and daddy is lazy.  We don't even get to stay out in the yard very much.  And hamburger cookouts are more fun for people than for hounds because we don't get to eat as much as we would like.

But the worst part about summer is the flies.  They are stupid little bugs that fly into the house when the door opens and they land on your food and buzz against the window.  I would really like to eat them but they are too fast to catch usually.  And there are tons of them out there!  I don't know if they breed better in the heat or what but every time you go out they buzz around your head to remind you they are still there.

I hate you guys

But flies outside are nothing compared to flies inside.  Inside they draw the attention of mama and daddy, and they try to kill them.  They are faster than I am but they use a rolled up newspaper to squash them.  Rolled up newspapers are also used on bad dogs.  I wasn't a bad dog but they got used on me before I came to live with mama and daddy, and it reminds me of life before them.  I don't like those reminders.  It makes me shake and worry that I am going to get swatted instead of the flies.  I know they aren't going to swat me - at least I hope they don't (sometimes I get my rump swatted when I am being stubborn but it is not mean and they just use their hands instead of a rolled up newspaper) - but still it just makes me scared.  So, I am hoping the flies all go away soon.

No thanks


  1. Aww, poor baby! Don't worry, your mama and daddy obviously love you very, very much and I don't think they'd ever let you get swat at like that again! It's great they saved you from a place like that. No Basset Baby deserves that.

    I feel ya on the flies though! Here in Germany, they don't have AC or screens in the windows so it gets very tricky! We need to open the windows, but that means the flies come in and they stay foreverrrrr. I prefer the big, loud ones..they're easier targets ;) The small, quiet ones are a pain because they get in my line of vision constantly, but they're so hard to swat! Little ninja flies!

  2. Flies yuk. We just bought a 'Pitcher Plant' and we are waiting to see if it sorts the fly problem, not that we have that many! Happy Monday to you.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Poor Beau!! Little Bowser was just sitting out in the backyard the other day sniffing the salt air, when a huge fly came buzzing up and landed on his butt! We happened to be standing in the kitching watching Bowser "Toast" in the sun, and saw him quickly whip around, sniff the fly, then JUMP up and run in circles trying to get to the spot the fly landed. Didn't look like he'd been bit, but he completely didn't like what had happened. After that, toasting was over and the fly hunt was on!!!
    With periodic stops to go in a circle and check that butt spot just one more time.
    Flies suck!
    but that was pretty funny...lol

  4. This blog was actually authored by Breezy however our "Editorial Staff" logged in under the wrong hound. He has be strongly reprimanded and assured me that it will not happen again.

  5. yikes! mehates flies too Ms. Breezy. and yeah stay aways from those newpaper rollz!