December 30, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 42

Today's famous basset hound Friday is a little late because it has been a busy day in JoF household. This morning started bright and early, when we woke Momma so she could make us breakfast and get preparation started for today's honorary basset hound. Today is Daddy's birthday and Layla, Breezy and I decided he could be today's famous (almost) basset hound.

So bright an early, we urged Momma to get under way (and after much grumbling and some caffeine, she did). The first step in the Daddy birthday plan was to assemble his big new grill. Grandma and grandpa thought Daddy should have a safer way to cook steaks that didn't involve matches, lighter fluid and charcoal so they gave him the great big box (which Momma said contained the grill). Well after many hours and a couple naps (for us hounds) the big box turned into a big shiny grill. I was very proud of how well Momma put it together and being that I am a gentleman hound will not divulge any of the "colorful" words Momma used when putting it together.
Here it is in all it's assembled glory. Any Daddy would be proud.

Next it was on to making Daddy his birthday cupcakes. He asked Momma to make Apple Pie cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream frosting. Now as the resident HOSA dog, I had to make sure that Momma was safe in the kitchen.
This work area is HOSA dog approved. Proceed with cupcake baking!

Shortly after Momma baked the cupcakes, we welcomed Daddy home in grand fashion.

The rest of the evening included making dinner, watching movies and giving Daddy the card we picked out just for him.

We know its not a basset but it's still a pretty cool card.

So here's to Daddy, our honorary famous basset hound. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Here is Daddy, "Grillin' like a Villain!"


  1. Happy Barfday, Mr. Daddy! that is a nice present u gots for your barfday.

  2. Happy birfday, Hound Daddy! Make sure you drop somethin' on the ground for your kids when you grill!

  3. Happy Birthday hound daddy! We had a dada, and a mama birthday just recently as well! Okay though, i haveta have the recipe for those cupcakes, they made my mouth water.