December 16, 2011

Famous Basset Hound Friday # 41

This week's famous hound is another basset blogger. We only recently started reading his stuff but he has regular posts and he is a pretty good hound author. And for all our other basset blogging buddies, don't fret! You will all get to be famous hounds eventually. We have an entire list of hounds (blogging or otherwise) to go through and we don't want to bunch all the bloggers together.

So our newest famous hound is a handsome fellow by the name of Bentley.

The one on the left

Bentley has a mama and several aunties, and also a buddy named Turbo. They have lots of adventures and they are also accomplished hound chefs! If only mama would let us be hound chefs... we could make all kinds of cupcakes to eat. Bentley writes a blog called 'Bentley the Basset's Words of Wisdom'. Of course all hound's words are wise. Bentley and Turbo recently fought off some evildoers and he gets to go to work all the time. He also guards some really cool cars. Bentley is a 2-year old hound just like me!

And he's our latest famous hound!


  1. Ahh, Congratulations to my buddy Bentley!!!!

  2. Oh wow! This is such an honor! And so very flattering! (blushes) Thank you so much! I'll try to be worthy of all your kind words!