November 10, 2011

Our local dog park

Hello again faithful readers. Sorry for the constant delays in our blogging. With such big paws we do not type very well and daddy has to transcribe things for us. This has slowed down considerably because of duck season. As I understand it rabbit season is better, but we are not rabbit hunting dogs (at least not with guns - we sure do like to chase them though).

Anyway, awhile back I promised you I would write about our dog park. We have only been there a couple of times but it is one of the greatest places in the world. It's called Twin Lakes and there are lots of dogs that go there. We haven't met another hound there yet but maybe someday. But there are plenty of other kinds of lesser dogs, some of them even worth playing with. The park is completely fenced in so mom and dad feel comfortable letting us run around off-leash (well except Breezy, she doesn't always get along with other dogs and she is a big chicken so she has to stay close with them). This allows us to explore and smell things and contemplate the lake.

The viewing pad is really nice

Usually there are lots of dogs there, but the day we went was kind of cloudy so the fair-weather dogs stayed home. This didn't bother me too much, because my hind end did not get sniffed quite so much. But the few dogs who were there were all gigantic next to me. This one dog really liked me but his hair was too long - I am not into the shaggy dog type. Give me a handsome clean-cut hound any day.

Rosco trying to be a good brother and guard me from other boy dogs

My lord that is a tall hound

So that is a quick introduction to our dog park. We did get to meet some shorter dogs - one of them was like our buddy Scooter, a short little dachshund. These dogs make me feel a little taller.


  1. That looks like an awesome dog park. To bad we don't live near you we could have play dates at that park. We don't see many hounds like us at our dog park either. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Aww happy days, so many wagging tails in that clip - lovely to see! :)

  3. Glad you found a day with fewer doggies at the park. Much more fun that way I think :) Looks like y'all have a great dog park to go to! With your own lake even. Wow!

    Waggin at ya,