November 8, 2011

Miss Mayzie's Adoption Week

Hello readers, Korbin here. I have decided to take another shot at blogging after I overheard the buzz on Miss Mayzie's Adoption Week. This is an important project even if it is being spearheaded by a dog (you can find all the details here). Basically, she is trying to promote pet adoption by asking all of us bloggers to showcase an animal who needs a forever home. If we win a random draw at the end of the adoption week, she will donate$100 to whatever rescue organization we want.

So after doing a little searching online, I decided to showcase the coolest Maine Coon I could find in our area. He has a pretty awesome name too - his name is "After Midnight", and you can read all about him here. His profile is short on details but I decided to pick him because:

a. he has such an awesome name

b. he obviously enjoys his 'nip - "After Midnight" was a song that was performed by a couple of humans like Clapton and Marley, and they certainly enjoyed their version of 'nip

c. his picture is sideways. He clearly marches to the tune of a different drummer

After Midnight: Maine Coon, Cat; Lee's Summit, MO
Non-conformist Maine coons rule

So if you are thinking about getting yourself a cool cat then look no further. Also check out the dog's blog to see who else is posting pets that are up for adoption.

Peace out.


  1. Well he is adorable for sure. The hounds are not found of 4-legged critters with long fur in their house. We wish him well. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Hi, hi there! Mayzie here! Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't gets around to your bloggie yesterday but your pawment gotten eaten up by spam filter-thingie! But I found you...yay!

    Oh, I think After Midnight is prolly one of the coolest kittehs around. I likes his sideways picture cuz it'll make peoples look twice at him. Most Clever! I'm not too into music but your nip comment made my mom laugh and laugh!

    Thank you, thank you for pawticipating in Rescue Me Week and my paws are crossed real tight for After Midnight!

    Wiggles & Wags,