September 1, 2012

Layla Jane Basset Hound Extraordinaire, World Traveler

This summer hasn't been very hound friendly.  First it started with Daddy trying to plant grass in the backyard and we couldn't run and play.  Then it became VERY hot and we couldn't go to the dog park. All of Daddy's grass dried up and it's didn't rain for a very long time. 

This is the perfect patch of dirt for me to work on my tan.

 However, yesterday someone called Isaac showed up and started spitting stuff out of the sky.  Now don't get me wrong, this girl loves to swim but I don't like stuff spitting on me from the sky.  I think it's rude.
What's worse is that Mama MADE us go out in it to go potty.  I know!  She has some nerve! Well I decided to teach her. Mama accidently left the side gate open and I though since she made me go out, I was going to explore.  I had a grand time smelling all the new smells and wandering the neighborhood.  That was until the lady that lives behind us tattled on me.  Mama was so upset that I wandered off that she marched me back home.  


I made sure she toweled me off properly to give me that tousled, wind blown basset look. 

Ok, Mama.  That's enough fussing for now. I need my beauty sleep!


  1. Just as well you got tattled on , your poor mum must have been worried sick. Glad your adventure ended OK. Have a great Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Layla whatta terrific swimmah you is! my person tries to teach me mooooves like that but i don't take to swimming very well. oh Ms. Layla, ya ran aways from home! yikes! glad ya got backs safely. it is fun to wander and explore but not good to run away. remembah that, k? your friend, Worm

  3. LOL what a cute round basset *LOL* that swim was funny.
    just walked right

  4. I'm so glad you didn't get to wander too far! Your Momma would have been sick over it!

    Thanks for your kind comments about Freddie. :)